A Simple Method For Creating Tessellations From Rectangles

In this assignment we will see one more method for finding tessellations. This method works with any rectangle, and is quite simple to use.
  1. Cut out a rectangle out of an index card or poster board. You can make it any size, but to be able to see the resulting tessellation, you might want to make it no larger than 2 inches by 2 inches.
  2. Draw a line from one side to the opposite side. Make it as simple or as complicated as you wish.

  3. Cut along the line you drew and interchange the pieces. Tape them together.

  4. Draw another line on the resulting figure in a perpendicular direction to the first line.

  5. Cut along the line you just drew and interchange the pieces. Tape them together.

  6. The resulting shape will tessellate the plane.

Take a piece of paper, and trace repeatedly your figure in order to tessellate part of the plane. You can form a pattern of four figures by rotating one about a point three times to get a pattern like the one below.

If you wish to see, step by step, this procedure, click here.