gbdfed Bitmap Font Editor

This is free software.

gbdfed lets you interactively create new bitmap font files or modify existing ones. It allows editing multiple fonts and multiple glyphs, it allows cut and paste operations between fonts and glyphs and editing font properties. The editor works natively with BDF fonts.

gbdfed can import:

gbdfed can export:

gbdfed also supports creating and editing 2, 4, and 8 bits-per-pixel gray scale strikes (bitmap typefaces) that can be embedded in OTF fonts (see EBLC/EBDT/EBSC tables in OpenType spec).

gbdfed requires GTK+ 2.6 or later to compile and run. This program has been built and tested briefly on Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5. It does not yet compile and run properly on Windows.


  1. [18 November 2010] COMPILATION ALERT: To compile gbdfed with GTK+ 2.22, please remove the *_DEPRECATED flags from the CFLAGS line in the Makefile.
  2. [18 November 2010] Version 2.0 of gbdfed is in progress. This version will only be compatible with GTK+ 2.9* and up and use cairo for rendering.


19 April 2010
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