Jens  Funke

Department of Mathematical Sciences

New Mexico State University


Jens Funke

Assistant Professor

New Mexico State University

Department of Mathematical Sciences

P.O.Box 30001

Department 3MB

Las Cruces, NM 88003-8001


Office: Walden Hall 205
Phone: 505-646-2406

I am on leave for 2007/08. I can be reached by email.


Areas of Interest: Number theory, automorphic and modular forms, representation theory, arithmetic geometry and Arakelov theory

Research Topics: I am interested in cohomology classes of arithmetic quotients of orthogonal and unitary symmetric spaces which arise from certain naturally embedded submanifolds.  Furthermore, I am also interested in the corresponding arithmetic situation, when these submanifolds occur as the complex points of certain cycles in Shimura varieties of this type. I study these cycles by realizing them via the theta correspondence as Fourier coefficients of Siegel and Hermitian modular forms. Click here for a more detailed description of my research. My research is supported by NSF-grants DMS-0305448 and DMS-0701228.